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BRUSTRO Artist Acrylic Color 24 Colours 12ML Set


Set of 24 acrylic colour 12 ml tubes. Adheres to a great variety of surface like paper, canvas, wood and earthenware
These Acrylic Paints are perfect to create textured effects, brush marks and palette knife impressions
The colours are water based, non-toxic and dries quickly
Colours are inter-mixable, giving endless colour possibilities

BRUSTRO Artists Gouache Colour Set 24x12ML Tubes


These are Highly pigmented , Bright opaque colours, Superior matte velvet finish, Strong coverage power, Intermixable, Lightfast, Easy to apply and wash

  • Being water based, they dry quickly and can also be rewetted easily when required. Great for mixed media work, mixes well with colour pencils, inks and acrylics.
  • Being opaque one can paint from dark to light with good coverage over already painted areas without lifting the underlying paints.
  • Works best on paper, boards, wood and primed canvasses. Ideal for professional artists, graphic designers, illustrators and fine art students.
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Brustro Professional Artists’ Fluid Acrylic 20 ml Pack of 6

  • These Professional Artists’ Fluid Acrylics are Highly pigmented . Excellent lightfastness . Exceptional brilliance . High coverage . UV Resistant . Inter mixable . No fillers, dyes or extenders used .
  • These Fluid acrylic paints are ideal for: Pouring techniques , Dry brush application , Spraying , Fine Brushwork , Staining Techniques , Water media techniques
  • Having the same pigment load as Brustro Heavybody, Brustro Fluid Acrylics allow smooth flow applications while retaining the colour intensity.
  • Despite its liquid like paint texture, each colour is highly pigmented with excellent lightfastness.The colours appear dark on initial application, but can be easily spread with a brush and diluted with water to reveal colour graduation just like water colours.Compatible with all acrylic mediums and is perfect additive to pouring mediums for liquid art. contains – Titanium White, Yellow Mid Azo, Napthol Scarlet, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green And Carbon Black
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